gff3_fix readme

Usage [-h] [-qc_r QC_REPORT] [-g GFF] [-og OUTPUT_GFF] [-v]

Testing environment

Python 3.x


  1. Error report: Error report from Specify the file name with the -qc_r or –qc_report argument. Error report should only include those errors that should be fixed. If errors identified by should not be fixed, remove lines containing errors from report file.
  2. GFF3: Specify the file name with the -g or –gff argument.


  1. Corrected GFF3

Quick start

gff3_fix -qc_r error.txt -g example_file/example.gff3 -og corrected.gff3

Optional arguments

  1. -h, –help
    • show this help message and exit
  2. -qc_r QC_REPORT, –qc_report QC_REPORT
    • Error report from
  3. -g GFF, –gff GFF
    • Genome annotation file, gff3 format
  4. -og OUTPUT_GFF, –output_gff OUTPUT_GFF
    • output gff3 file name (default: corrected.gff3)
  5. -v, –version
    • show program’s version number and exit